OutriggerHawaii.com Hits 500 Blog Posts

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Release Number: 35/13

To commemorate this milestone, a free photo e-book with some favorite images from “View from Here” — the OutriggerHawaii.com blog — is available for download

"View from Here" blogger Kim Rogers

“View from Here” blogger Kim Rogers

WAIKIKI, HONOLULU, HAWAII – In its “View from Here” blog, Outrigger Hotels and Resorts looks beyond its collection of accommodations to share an intimate account of the special people and places that make Hawaii a beloved travel destination. The blog, which launched in 2008 with the lifestyle website OutriggerHawaii.com, hit a milestone of 500 posts today.  The blog’s ability to redefine what it means to “experience Hawaii” as well as engage both past and future visitors is largely indebted to its author, Kim Steutermann Rogers, who has travelled far and wide to uncover the authentic allure of the islands.

“I’ve trekked down trails I had no idea existed; I’ve seen birds I thought were extinct; I’ve sampled foods I’d never heard of before… all things that have combined to give me a much greater respect and awe for nature and this place – for Hawaii,” said Rogers. “I’m grateful to the loyal and growing fan-base of OutriggerHawaii.com for joining me on these adventures, and I look forward to the next 500 posts.”

Rogers’ zest for documenting adventures, coupled with her respect for the islands, made for a perfect alliance with Outrigger Hotels and Resorts – Hawaii’s largest, locally owned and operated hospitality company. From cultural training for all of its staff members to incorporating authentic Hawaiian music and art at its properties – imparting a sense of place and sentiment of aloha is at the core of all Outrigger operations.

OutriggerHawaii.com Photo Book

Further illustrating the deep cultural commitment of Outrigger is the inclusion of the company’s “Saturday Briefing” newsletter on Outrigger.com. This weekly employee bulletin celebrates the diverse local cultures and community members across the global portfolio of Outrigger properties. With 4,200 employees worldwide, the company is passionate about utilizing digital media to link its employees and guests with the core values that set Outrigger apart from other hotel brands.

The “View from Here” blog and its corresponding social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, and YouTube pages enables Outrigger guests, followers and friends to share their experiences and affinity for Hawaii.

Today, OutriggerHawaii.com is a collective space that offers both visitors and local residents a means of connecting to their past, present, or future Hawaiian experience – revealing everything from island culture and food to ideas for romance and adventure. Rogers’ “View from Here” blog provides an intimate look at the special people and lesser-known paths traversing Hawaii’s built and natural landscapes. The 500 blog posts on “View From Here” and corresponding social media pages have elevated OutriggerHawaii.com to a meaningful dialogue that both preserves and deepens followers’ relationships with Hawaii.

Connect with Hawaii anywhere with Internet access by subscribing to outriggerhawaii.com/blog. To download the free celebratory photo e-book, log on to outriggerhawaii.com/photobook.

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