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After Dreaming About It My Whole Life, I Finally Visited the Mecca of Surfing

While checking out The Duke Kahanamoku Ocean Festival, I stayed at the OUTRIGGER Reef Hotel Waikiki, where I could jump out of bed and have my feet in the water within 2 minutes (I counted) and the break out the front of the hotel is a little less crowded than the more famous ones further down the coast (which equals more waves, and more me-timewith the turtles). It’s also pretty flash, having undergone a US $80 million renovation which was completed in 2023. Finally, it’s got a pool, two bars and restaurants (three if you count the exclusive Voyager 47 Club Lounge) as well as live nightly music and cultural activities. Read all about the Mecca of Surfing, HERE in ESCAPE.