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Cirque du Soleil Composer Prepares Music for Upcoming Waikīkī Show

Cirque du Soleil at the OUTRIGGER Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel is set to debut in December, and much of the preparation includes choreographing an original show with a unique musical score.

This week, the composer and musical director behind the upcoming production was in town. Evan Duffy is based in Los Angeles but was on island to begin the process of hiring local musicians for the show.

Duffy said he is halfway through the composing process, which he hasn’t done alone. By collaborating with local musicians such as ʻukulele artist Taimane and others, he said collaborating on interesting sounds from across the island chain has been a fun trial period.

“These musicians are so brilliant that it’s really easy and a luxury for me to go in there, and on the fly, have them try things and experiment,” Duffy said.

Click, HERE, to read and/or listen to the report on Hawaiʻi Public Radio.