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Forget Patong, Escape to Surin for a Peaceful Vacation

The writer fell in love with the Outrigger Surin Beach Resort. Quite ideal for relaxing. The environment is calm, the decoration is also beautiful, suitable for its location facing Surin beach. Read a Google Translation of the article below from Getaran News and Lifestyle:

Unlike Patong, Surin promises a quieter and more exciting holiday. Finding halal food is also easier and cheaper.

After two years of not flying anywhere, what heart does not scream to be taken away. I don’t want to run around breaking the cane with a boring daily routine, but to take care of myself who seems to be sulking because of the fiercely killing COVID-19 virus here and there.

Refusing to delay any longer, the writer is looking for a holiday destination that is close to the heart, does not burden the pocket, and most importantly promises peace of mind.

Not as big as Kuala Lumpur’s stone forest. In the end, Phuket became the heart’s choice. Even though I have been to this popular destination several times, there are still many unexplored locations or attractions.

Adhering to his heart’s desire to treat himself, the determined writer chose Pantai Surin for a three-day, two-night vacation. From online reviews, this beach is actually often the choice of those who love tranquility. True, the beach is not as long or wide as Patong beach, but believe me it does not disappoint.

Here, you can also see the same sun setting its curtain, here too you can dine on a variety of local snacks that open the appetite.

In fact, here too you can be together with local people who also spend time enjoying the beauty of nature. Unlike in Patong, the average vacationer is a foreigner.

Sweetest, the writer had the opportunity to take himself to the beach in the quiet of the morning, listening to the sound of the waves without any interruption. Calm, peaceful, exciting. Dissolved for a moment the burden that was carried.

What must know about Surin?

Surin Beach is one of the most beautiful and natural places of the island that earned the title of ‘Pearl of the Andaman Sea’. Although not as popular as Patong beach, this beach has long been the choice of famous beach clubs and restaurants.

After the pandemic, this beach looks more beautiful and fresh. Enjoying the view of the sunset while enjoying local Thai food is one of the must-do activities here.

If your stomach is not hungry, you can wet your throat with coconut water, which is always sought after by many. You can rent a picnic spot at a price of THB100 to THB200 to be more comfortable.

Apart from that you also need to know that every monsoon season (July to October), Surin is popular for water surfing activities. At this time you can see many surfers chasing waves to surf in style.

If you are also one of the fans, don’t miss the chance to block the adrenaline. Want to learn? Why not? There are many ‘teaching schools’ available. Some of the hotels you stay in also offer learning sessions.

One of the hotels or resorts actively promoting this extreme sport is Outrigger Surin Beach Resort which just opened at the end of 2021. Since its opening, Outrigger Surin Beach Resort has been promoting surfing culture in Phuket.

In addition to hosting several competitions, this boutique hotel also introduced the ‘Surf’s Up’ package that helps teach its guests how to surf.

The package includes two nights’ accommodation with breakfast at Nalu Bar & Grill, as well as a 60-minute surfing lesson with a professional instructor, a certificate of participation and a photo of the session.

Roundtrip transportation from the resort to the surf school is also included. Prices start from THB4999 depending on the type of room booked.

How did the author know about this package? The reason is that the writer stayed at this resort and had a chance to chat with one of the friendly hotel staff.

Unfortunately, the writer did not have time to study because he had already ordered several other packages from outside operators. But in my heart, I will return to study.

After all, the writer fell in love with this resort. Quite ideal for relaxing. The environment is calm, the decoration is also beautiful, suitable for its location facing Surin beach.

Believe me, the soul feels free while being here. In fact, suitable as a hiding place, away from those annoying people. Why? The environment is also safe. Resort staff are ready to help at any time.

So if you are planning a vacation to Phuket, consider this resort. Here is some info that can help you make a decision.

Located just 30 minutes from Phuket International Airport, Outrigger Surin Beach Resort has 60 rooms of various types, including the Surin Studio Balcony, as selected by the writer. With a king size bed, this room is quite spacious and comfortable. The author likes the balcony overlooking the pool.

Although small, the resort has a surf-inspired restaurant and bar, two swimming pools, a fitness studio and a spa. There is no buffet breakfast available, instead guests can choose from several interesting breakfast sets.

Choose a vegetarian menu because the hotel restaurant does not have halal status. If you are not comfortable, you can drive out to the main road. There are many Muslim restaurants that you can stop by since the Muslim population is large in the Surin area. Food prices are also cheap compared to Patong.

Another thing you must know is that the resort has an application that can be downloaded to get various information and activities that you can follow during your stay at the resort such as yoga and morning runs on the beach.

You can also ‘chat’ to ask for any service or help. For more information, you’d better visit the resort’s website here. – Vibration, October 9, 2022