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Outrigger chefs dominate at 2015 Moffat Fiji National Salon Culinaire competition


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SIGATOKA, FIJI – Named Fiji Chef of the Year for 2015, Shameer took on the best chefs in Fiji and triumphed, winning a gold medal, two silver and a bronze at the Moffat Fiji National Salon Culinaire competition at the 2015 Vodafone and Westpac HOTEC Trade Show.

He was declared Fiji Chef of the Year 2015 on Friday night after a rigorous and demanding competition against his fellow chefs during a three day trade show at Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa.

“I was surprised that I won because it was a really tough competition, very challenging and I am really grateful for this honour,” Shameer said.

“I was unsuccessful in my previous two attempts to win but this year I had really worked hard for it and I am really pleased with my achievement. I can say that finally my hard work has come to fruition.”

The 27-year-old from Kulukulu, Sigatoka, who is married with two children is the first chef in his family.

As a chef, he loves what he does and has been honing his skills with the Outrigger team for the past six years.

He said despite the competition being a tough one, it was worth it for the exposure that he and Outrigger had received and said it had also been a great learning experience for him.

“One thing I have learnt is that this competition builds confidence in you as a chef and provides a platform from which to explore and challenge your own self,” Shameer said.

“It shows where you stand as a chef and where there is room for improvement.”

He is looking forward to imparting what he learnt from the competition to other chefs at the resort.

“I am very grateful to the Fiji Chefs Association and the whole Outrigger team for their continued support and motivation and am honoured to have been part of the competition,” he said.

Shameer also received a scholarship to study culinary skills at the Le Cordon Bleu, in Wellington, New Zealand.

The three month scholarship includes intensive training in the culinary arts, combining the very best of new world innovation and local cuisine with the principles, techniques and artistry of traditional French cooking.

At the conclusion of the contest, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort’s Executive Chef Shailesh Naidu proudly announced that 13 of his chefs had won medals with the total tally- five gold, seven silver, four bronze and six first class prizes – making them top in their respective class.

Speaking as the President of the Fiji Chefs Association, Shailesh said that the competition now attracted international chefs as judges which set a new benchmark for the judging criteria.

“This competition is gaining more and more traction each year with chefs from both the mainland and island resorts competing.  I am excited by the standard of chefs in the country and they are most definitely making their presence felt,” he said.

“I commend all the chefs who took part in the competition and am particularly proud of Shameer, who has worked tirelessly to achieve his success,” he said.

  • Shameer Khan – 1 Gold; 2 Silver;1 Bronze (Fiji Chef of the Year 2015)
  • Moneel Reddy  – 1 Gold
  • Nikhil Dewan – 1 Gold
  • Ambhashni Vandhana – 1 Gold
  • Sonam  Prasad – 1 Gold
  • Munita Mudiliar – 1 Silver
  • Famiza Bibi – 1 Silver
  • Prashant Siwan – 1 Silver
  • Yashni Goundar – 1 Silver
  • Reema Singh – 1 Silver
  • Prashneel Kumar – 1 Bronze
  • Navneet Reddy – 1 Bronze
  • Ledua Cama – 1 Bronze