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Rare Flying Dodos Land in South Mauritius


Exquisite and rare Flying Dodos are now sighted regularly at the Outrigger in Mauritius
Exquisite and rare Flying Dodos are now sighted regularly at the Outrigger in Mauritius

BEL OMBRE, MAURITIUS – Up to five types of Flying Dodo craft beer, made in Mauritius, have landed at the Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort. Nectarologists had feared craft beer was as dead as a dodo in the holiday island.

However, the resort’s sober-as-a-judge General Manager, Pieter van der Hoeven and his staff have managed to capture various types of Flying Dodo, which are not only on display at the resort, but can also be tasted by guests with nothing better to do.

“All my sightseeing plans went the way of the dodo after I discovered these beautiful dark, gold and tan-coloured creatures were alive and well at the Outrigger,” said Herman Holtz a German tourist from Bavaria. “I feel so at home. I’m happy to be grounded along with my dodo friends.”

So popular have the crafty, hoppy Flying Dodos become that the resort’s chef, an empathetic flying Dutchman, has paired these rare beauties with other species.

The results can be seen at the Plantation Club restaurant in the Outrigger, where guests have reported spotting four exquisite Flying Dodo pairings that brought tears of joy to their eyes:  the Czech-style Pilsner with the Bitter Gourd Salad; the Old-Style Belgian Wit Dodo with the Smoked Butter Poached Red Drum Fish; and the Nation’ale Dodo with the Braised Oxtail and Marinated Beef. The heavier (6.3%) Robust Porter Dodo was reported to have been getting on very well with some Chocolate Tart.

Mr van der Hoeven said: “You don’t need binoculars to see these delectable birds at the Outrigger. They just line up before you every night at Bar Bleu or the Plantation Club waiting to be downed.”

However, after a couple of Flying Dodos the General Manager, an Australian of Dutch origin who has culled a few in his time, admitted his main concern was his Dutch chef Geert-Jan Vaartjes. “The Dutch finished off the dodo in the 17th century. I’m afraid they could be about to finish them all off again.”

The BBC has released a documentary about the rare Flying Dodo in Mauritius, which can be seen here.