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Ulitao & Aguaguat to make first maiden voyage


Guam Voyage

TUMON, GUAM – Outrigger Guam Beach Resort has secured sponsorship with Chamorro cultural artist, Ron Acfalle, for the test voyage of two sea-faring canoes around the Island of Guam in preparation for the upcoming FestPac 2016 (Festival of the Pacific Arts from May 22 – June 4) to be held in Guam.

In anticipation of its two-day voyage along Guam’s waters, the Chamorro traditional sea-faring canoes, “ULITAO” & “AGUAGUAT,” are expected to launch from the beach fronting the Outrigger Guam Beach Resort on July 18 with a warm send-off for a safe voyage. After launching, the canoes are expected to touch ground on the most southern tip of the island, in the village of Merizo. From there on, they will dock and then complete their voyage back to Tumon Bay the following day.

Ron Acfalle is a local cultural artist involved in all aspects of the Chamorro culture, including traditional chants, blessings, storytelling, and canoe making. His passion for the Chamorro culture is what drives him to spread the Chamorro values, beliefs and skills.

In preparation for FestPac 2016, Ron and his team will be escorting the fleet of canoes voyaging in from different island nations for participation in the two-week event. With 27 island nations to be represented, this festival will be the biggest of its kind to be held in Guam.

“We are very excited and proud to lend our support to this momentous event,” said Simeon Miranda, Outrigger’s corporate director-operations, Pacific. “One of our own, Edwin Torres, who is the food and beverage director for the Outrigger Guam Beach Resort, will participate in the second half of the voyage as the canoes sale back from Merizo. We are so very proud to be the first hotel to ever sponsor a Chamorro sea-faring canoe launch.”

According to Miranda, the voyage will be the first event of its kind in a series of events aimed at creating that “unique cultural experience” for guests and the community. Outrigger Guam Beach Resort’s Guest Committee is responsible for spear-heading all guest activities at the resort with the mission in mind, “Local culture meets world-class hospitality.”

Hawaii will be the host nation for the next FestPac in 2020.