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United States Doctors Perform Life Changing Surgeries at Sigatoka Hospital


Dr. Richard Ruckman, Lindsey Palmer and Inga Ruckman | Anne Hoffman checking a patient | Nadroga local, Padma Wati from Nabaka with Dr. Richard Ruckman

CORAL COAST, FIJI – More than 20 United States eye specialists with Benevolent Missions International have conducted over 800 consultations and performed 50 eye surgeries at Sigatoka District Hospital.

The medical team, which was hosted by Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort, also handed out 800 pairs of prescription glasses.

It is the 23rd year the group has made an annual trip to Fiji and the 7th year the group, which donates its time free of charge and pays its own airfares, has been a guest of the resort.

Outrigger Fiji executive assistant manager Lindsey Palmer said the work undertaken by the Benevolent Mission International eye specialists was life changing for some Nadroga residents.

“Some of the people treated may have lost their sight if it had not been for the efforts of the BMI doctors,” he said.

“They are gifted, generous people who have taken time out from their busy schedules back in the United States to come and help the people of Fiji.

“My team at the resort is delighted that it could assist in some small way in facilitating their visit to Fiji,” Mr Palmer said.

Coordinator of the group, Ms. Mira Patel said that the BMI Fiji Eye Team was extremely grateful to Outrigger Fiji for providing accommodation and meals.

“This support enables us to spend our time at the Sigatoka Hospital examining patients for eye diseases, performing surgery and prescribing medication and glasses.

“We feel very fortunate to be able to work in association with Outrigger Fiji in improving the lives and wellbeing of the people in its community,” she said.

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