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OUTRIGGER Celebrates Ocean Health – One Mudball at a Time with Record-Breaking 5,000+ “Genki Balls”


Genki Ball-making in process at OUTRIGGER Zone Day at Waikīkī Aquarium (photo left) and the toss by OUTRIGGER hosts at Ala Wai Canal (photo right)

HONOLULU – Closing out its global World Ocean Month endeavors, OUTRIGGER Resorts & Hotels invited the public to join them at the Ala Wai Community Garden on Saturday, July 15, at 9 a.m. to toss more than 5,000 mud “Genki Balls” into the Ala Wai Canal – a key waterway to the Pacific Ocean.

The Genki Balls include micro-organisms that eliminate the sludge that forms from mud, organic debris, trash and pollutants.

OUTRIGGER pledged to make a difference at its resorts worldwide as part of its larger ESG (environment, social, governance) platform throughout June, World Ocean Month. At its major effort on O‘ahu, OUTRIGGER Zone Day at the Waikīkī Aquarium, OUTRIGGER partnered with the Genki Ala Wai Project – which aims to make the island’s Ala Wai Canal fishable and swimmable in seven years – and smashed the Genki Ball-making record with 5,040 mud balls formed and then transported, dried and prepped to toss on July 15.

Ocean and coral conservation are at the heart of OUTRIGGER. The company’s global OUTRIGGER Zone hones in on its unbreakable link to the ocean and responsibility for its stewardship. With that focus, guests, hosts and communities can engage in enriching experiences like coral planting, fish house making, mangrove planting, beach cleanups and mud-ball tossing, to name just a few.

As a pioneer for the planet, OUTRIGGER was the first Hawai‘i hospitality company to champion reef-safe sunscreen for its guests as a hands-on way to help our ocean thrive. To date, it has preserved, protected and planted more than 100 football fields of coral reef fronting its global resorts. OUTRIGGER’s Hawai‘i resorts are now Green Seal certified as well as a founding member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s Responsible Stay and are part of Global Hotel Alliance’s new Green Collection.

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