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Renowned European Haute Cuisine Luminary, Eyck Zimmer, Makes a Highly Anticipated Return to the Maldives


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MALDIVES – Multiple award-winning international chef Eyck Zimmer will bring his culinary expertise to the barefoot luxury OUTRIGGER Maldives Maafushivaru Resort January 17-31, 2024.

Zimmer will curate two extraordinary five-course dining experiences at the resort’s Art-i-san restaurant, as well as host two captivating cooking demonstrations.

Hailing from Germany, Zimmer stands as one of the foremost luminaries in the world of contemporary haute cuisine. His illustrious career has been adorned with accolades, including the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de Grande Bretagne in 2000, British Chef of the Year in 2006 and Portuguese Chef of the Year in 2008. His remarkable contributions to French culture and culinary excellence were acknowledged by the French Government, bestowing upon him the esteemed title of Chevalier du Mérite Agricole in 2014. Furthermore, he earned the distinguished title of Master of Culinary Arts from the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts of Great Britain.

Zimmer’s culinary journey has been punctuated by stints in some of the United Kingdom’s most renowned kitchens, including Claridge’s, The Dorchester, The Ritz and The Savoy. His culinary prowess has also left an indelible mark on five-star establishments in Switzerland, Portugal, Serbia and Germany.

Presently, Zimmer serves as the director of culinary at the illustrious Jockey Club in Hong Kong, where he continues to channel his passion for the culinary arts. His unwavering dedication to his craft is epitomized by his motto, “Born to cook. No plan B!”

Growing up in East Germany during the era of the Cold War, Zimmer’s affinity for food was cultivated at a young age. Inspired by renowned French Chef Paul Bocuse, he embarked on his culinary journey at the age of 16. Over the span of 36 years, Zimmer has enriched the culinary landscape in six different countries, earning him high acclaim.

It is worth noting that Zimmer shares a special history with OUTRIGGER Maldives, as he previously collaborated with the resort’s general manager, John Allanson, during their time at Rocco Forte’s The Lowry Hotel in Manchester from 2005 to 2007.

Zimmer’s previous collaborations with OUTRIGGER in the Maldives, in 2017 and 2019, were marked by his exceptional commitment to both guests and hosts, leaving an indelible impression on those fortunate enough to experience his artistry.

Christopher Long, executive chef at OUTRIGGER Maldives Maafushivaru, speaks highly of Zimmer, noting, “Eyck gave a tremendous amount of time to both guests and hosts on his previous visits. Despite his many achievements, he remains extremely humble. I am particularly looking forward to his return to OUTRIGGER Maldives.”

This January, guests at the OUTRIGGER Maldives Maafushivaru Resort will once again have the privilege of savoring the exquisite culinary creations of Zimmer, an icon of modern European haute cuisine.

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